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The entries have entered and reviewer has viewed them. We've got a nice and cozy amount of submissions, so thanks to KaeMcSpadden KatNap8181 Primal-Lord WarriorNun for jumping in.

Great work by everyone here! It's really exciting to see how each artist approached their remix in a different way. And by chance, there were no exact doubles - everyone chose a unique fusion. It certainly led to much deliberation in the deciding process.

The entries are:
Franchise Remix: RWBY + Dishonored by KaeMcSpadden RWBY + Dishonored by :iconkaemcspadden:
Franchise Remix: Kingdom Hearts + Dishonored by KatNap8181 Kingdom Hearts + Dishonored by :iconkatnap8181:
Franchise Remix: RWBY + Mass Effect by Primal-Lord RWBY + Mass Effect by :iconprimal-lord:
Franchise Remix 40 RWBY + LoK by WarriorNun RWBY + Legend of Korra by :iconwarriornun:

And the Remix Champion is:

RWBY + Dishonored by KaeMcSpadden!
Franchise Remix: RWBY + Dishonored by KaeMcSpadden

What I particularly appreciate about Kae's piece is how she took many opportunities in the design to include details from the Dishonored theme - like Yang's new coat tails, Weiss's cast-iron sword, Ruby's steampunked scythe, and even Blake's little buttoned leggings. She also took the fusion beyond the characters and hinted at the remixed world by showcasing a variety of supernatural powers. (as a side note - having drawn the RWBY team a bunch myself, I applaud Kae for tackling all four characters)

So, well done Kae - I'll contact you directly to arrange your prize!

There's actually one more entry that just didn't make it in time. But the remix isn't any less cool. In fact, it's pretty darn awesome. Here's:
RWBY x KILL LA KILL: Franchise Remix by Ghost825 RWBY + Kill la Kill by :iconghost825:

Thanks again to everyone who's been enjoying the Franchise Remix series. When I started it, I never anticipated that I would be hosting a contest down the line - but I'm heartily glad I did. It's all quite an adventure. :smile: 

Which is favorite remix from Album 4? 

32 deviants said Overwatch + Kill la Kill (FSRX 32) by ZedEdge
30 deviants said RWBY + Tron (FSRX 31) by ZedEdge
25 deviants said How to Train Your Dragon + Bayonetta (FSRX 35) by ZedEdge
23 deviants said RWBY + Pokemon (FSRX 39) by ZedEdge
22 deviants said Kill la Kill - Legend of Korra (FSRX 40) by ZedEdge
16 deviants said Big Hero 6 + Transformers (FSRX 34) by ZedEdge
14 deviants said Legend of Korra + Bleach (FSRX 38) by ZedEdge
11 deviants said RWBY + Pretty Cure (FSRX 37) by ZedEdge
7 deviants said inFAMOUS + Dishonored (FSRX 33) by ZedEdge
1 deviant said Kingdom Hearts + Pretty Cure (FSRX 36) by ZedEdge


Today's the end of the contest! But upon request, I've extended the delivery date by two days. So, if have something in the works, just make sure its submitted by the end of the 14th. :thumbsup:
Just a reminder to anyone interested in jumping in on the contest. The delivery date is February 12th (in 3 days). And also a reminder to anyone currently drinking apple juice - you rock.
Another question: Have you ever eaten something non-toxic but was not sold as food - and found that it was really tasty? For me it was Mango-scented Lip Balm. Delicious.
Question: When inking your sketch, is there a particular part of the drawing that you always start with?
For me it's either the largest sized object on the page, and/or any area that overlaps with another object. Not sure why. :T
Okay!  After checking the results for round 39 and sketching some different compositions, I've determined that this piece will be best with 9 characters. Which is a little simpler than the original 12 I had considered. =P

But I think it's going to be rather fun. So, I'll power up and sketch on!


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Whoa now - coincidence indeed - but what a cool one at that. I'm almost inclined to play Second Son just so I can have the head-canon of playing as a bender. :B
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